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Hi, my name is Charlie

As a therapist, entrepreneur, speaker, I am on the way to continuously improve our professional profile. It is best to start with yourself. Continuous personal, professional and collegial development reflects my vision. In my opinion we can only "move" something like this.

Charlie Clay



Where and how did I start?

A very strong basic interest in overarching perspectives and a burning interest in things that are new to me has been evident since my childhood. The fascination with complex and multifunctional systems directly reflects my enthusiasm for the human body

After graduating from a business school in Bavaria, my path began in the medical sector. I am still on my way through innovative, academic physiotherapy, nutritional advice, supplementation, metabolic medicine, performance training, coaching and psychology and the interest is growing steadily. As the founder and entrepreneur of several medical institutions and companies, I value and develop my conception and philosophy continuously and parallel to my personal development. Stands and true to my opinion, "If you want to achieve great movement, you have to have a big car", my path remains interesting and lively. I would like to share that with everyone who goes on their personal path.

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